CEDAR Exim sources its best-in-class offerings directly from the farmlands and processing zones across the world.

We strongly believe in understanding and fulfilling its customers’ needs supported by a diligent team of highly qualified, efficient and experienced people. By providing an efficient chain of production, processing and distribution of agro-products and more, CEDAR Exim has gained an exceptional reputation with buyers on a global level by providing good quality products, competitive prices, personalized services and online delivery for its customers to avail only the best & freshest of products.


CEDAR Exim is associated with 500+ plus farmers in india for its sourcing. We not only encourage bulk purchases of organic product but also offer very competitive and discounted rates.You can select from a wide range of organic products with transaction certificates.Our successful model starts with forging strong relationships with local farmers – by recruiting them through local organizations and our own field officers.

We do provide quality inputs – including organic seeds, bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides – to encourage organic & natural farming practices, increase farm yields, and maintain high standards of the final product of our farmers harvest.



Quality is important to us. But more than that, maintaining the high quality of products that our customers have come to expect is imperative. We keep strict checks on quality by maintaining a relationship with our farmers throughout the growing season. We offer them access to new knowledge of organic & natural processes and ensure that crops are grown in compliance with organic & natural standards.

We take our quality checks seriously and have field officers on the ground who visit each farm at least twice a month, and our project supervisor personally visits each farmer once every cropping season. These regular visits ensure that our internal control system runs efficiently and systematically. We take a very active role in critical decisions which may affect the quality of the products – from determining what type of seeds are planted or which organic & natural techniques will be used to which bio-pesticides will be used in which farm.



Upon harvest, crops that require processing are sent to Our processing plants. These internationally organic-certified facilities process and package the produce according to our strict specifications.

Over the years, CEDAR Exim has worked hard to bring the latest processing technologies to the organic & natural food arena. We’ve overhauled and developed various in-house processes, and have partnered with leading global companies for seamless production.



Known for its seamless on-time delivery and customer satisfaction system, CEDAR Exim proudly continues to win its customers’ hearts with a robust supply chain management system. The proficient team members assure that they do not fall back on the commitments they make to the customers. Our sales representatives work tirelessly to ensure that each order is dispatched promptly and accurately; exporting goods swiftly from our warehouses in India and the Netherlands to our customers around the world.



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